Realized that one -sided solutions are not enough to solve environmental problems. To combined concept of Regional Development, Environmental Sciences, Strategic Management and Information technology is an our advantages.

1. Environment

a. Environment Document Preparation
i. Environmental Impact Analysis
ii. Environmental Audit
iii. Environmental Planning & Controlling
iv. Environmental Monitoring and Evaluation
v. Strategic Environmental Studies
b. Hazardous Waste & Solid Waste Processing
i. Thermal Process
ii. Hydrothermal
iii. Pyrolisis
iv. Food Waste Recycle
v. Non-Organic Waste Recycle
c. WWTP Development and Management
i. Health services WWTP
ii. Industrial WWTP
d. Hazardous Solid Waste Transport
i. Medical Waste Transporter
ii. Industrial Waste Transporter

2. Management & Information Technology

a. Business Management Solutions
b. Business Process Transformation
c. Feasibility study
d. IT Training & Solutions
e. GIS Training & Solution

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