Enviro Total Solutions has a vision to become an integrated provider of consulting and training services in the areas of Environment, Management, and Information Systems that can be trusted both nationally and internationally


  • Developing Capacity Building in the private and local government sectors to achieve sustainable development in the form of knowledge dissemination through training, workshop seminars with practical and applicable methods;
  • Developing regional development solutions based on geographic information systems to carry out planning, monitoring and evaluation of environmental impacts on economic activities and local physical development;
  • Disseminating the contributions of researchers, environmentalists and management experts;
  • Developing analytical methods for environmental problem solving and sustainable development.



Balanced Scorecard Course (BSC)


Balanced Scorecard Course (BSC) is one method and tool as well that can be used to measure the achievement of the objectives of an organization. However, many people struggle to implement this method. There are some factors that create the perception of BSC. Some of them said that the BSC is complicated and difficult to implement. So, how to make it simple? Find the answer in this course.


System Dynamics Course (SDC)


System Dynamics Course (SDC) will help you to find the model of your problem and how will the intervention do to solve the problems that will change your business as usual.

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