Core Value

Our Services

Environmental Governance

Information System Services

Business Process Transformation

Information and Communication Technology

  1. Application of development planning based on spatial analysis
  2. Development of regional spatial data infrastructure
  3. IT master plan/IT strategic plan (spatial and a-spatial)


  1. Design of regional development planning towards achievement of SDGs
  2. System dynamics, balanced scorecard, AHP, logical framework
  3. Human resource capacity development


  1. Zero waste solution
  2. Balance of natural resources, carrying capacity and resilience, SEA
    green economics
  3. Adipura and Adiwiyata assistance

Integrated Solutions For Sustainable DevelopmentĀ 


The market segment of this service is professionals business, government, and learners in Indonesia.

Products and Services

  • Training and workshops in the fields of management, environment, and information technology that promote solutions to sustainable development.
  • Seminar.
  • Consulting Services to create a new system of community-based integrated waste management and information technology.
  • In-situ waste management consultant services.

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