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Enviro Total Solutions

Training and Environmental Consultation, Management, and Information Systems


Enviro Total Solutions has a vision to become an integrated provider of consulting and training services in the areas of Environment, Management, and Information Systems that can be trusted both nationally and internationally


  • Developing Capacity Building in the private and local government sectors to achieve sustainable development in the form of knowledge dissemination through training, workshop seminars with practical and applicable methods;
  • Developing regional development solutions based on geographic information systems to carry out planning, monitoring and evaluation of environmental impacts on economic activities and local physical development;
  • Disseminating the contributions of researchers, environmentalists and management experts;
  • Developing analytical methods for environmental problem solving and sustainable development.




Advisory – Consultant – Training


Humans live in environments called ecosystems, such as everything that is in a spatial stricture in the form of water, soil, air, living organisms, that interact with each other and form the living systems. Therefore, protection of environment is needed to create the sustainability of human life and other living things. Safeguards need to be carried out by all parties, such as the Central and Regional Governments, Employers, Educational Institutions and Communities.
The structure of ecosystem or environment is very complex, therefore understanding the basic principles of environmental sustainability is necessary for the success of regional development. This understanding can be formed through a top down mechanism that comes from government regulation and bottom up. created by community participation.
Enviro Total Solutions (ETS) is here to answer the challenges of the need for solutions for sustainable regional development through providing integrated consulting services from an Environmental, Management and Information Systems perspective.

Solution Method

Enviro Total Solutions realizes that one-sided solution is inadequate to solve environmental problems. We combine local development, environmental science, strategic management and information technology to form distinctive solutions.
Supported by experts in the field of Environment, Management and Information Technology, Enviro Total Solutions is committed to providing quality in accountable operational solutions based on scientific analysis framework.

“Learning to solve, Solving to learn”

Enviro Total Solution (ETS) has a shared knowledge philosophy that is embodied in the motto “Learning to solve, Solving to learn”, which brings harmony or harmony between learning to solve problems and solve problems for learning

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