Benefits of Charcoal for Plants

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Jurnal – Charcoal is a black residue containing impure carbon with no water content. Consists of 85% -98% carbon and the rest are ash or other chemical objects. ¹ Research results in Japan prove that charcoal containing carbon can be processed into various household products.

There are 6 ways to use charcoal.

    1. Used as fertilizer, the carbon content in charcoal is an important nutrient in a number of plants and can also increase soil pH levels.
    2. Avoid odors from the fridge, keep a few pieces of charcoal in a plastic bag that has been perforated and then put it in the fridge, not only in the refrigerator this method is also effective for avoiding odors in shoes, bathrooms, and others.
    3. Compost mixture, composting from vegetable waste or deciduous leaves mixed with a little charcoal to increase carbon content in compost.
    4. Cut flower preservatives, put a lump of charcoal at the bottom of the flower vase to make fresh cut flowers longer.
    5. Maintain soil moisture to prevent weed plants by using charcoal as musla.
    6. Growing media for orchids to increase alkalinity.²

The benefits of charcoal are mainly intended for growing media and plant fertility. This is because charcoal is less able to bind large amounts of water so that it is suitable for use in areas that have high humidity.

The charcoal plant media has its own appeal because it is capable of being a buffer so that if there is a mistake in the provision of nutrients, the charcoal is able to immediately neutralize and adapt it again.³

Besides charcoal has properties that are not easily weathered so it is safe from interference from fungi and animals that can harm plants. However, the use of charcoal as a planting medium has a weakness that is a low nutrient content so the need for supply
nutrients through the fertilization process.

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