KLHK will Build a 120-hectare Modern Nursery in the Capital of the New State for Environmental Recovery

Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK), Siti Nurbaya reviewed the location of the Permanent Nursery in Bukit Merdeka, Samboja, East Kalimantan, Tuesday (12/17/2019). This time the work visit was also at the same time in order to accompany the President to see the location of the new National Capital.

Balikpapan – Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), Tuesday, December 17, 2019.  Minister of Environment and Forestry (LHK), Siti Nurbaya reviewed the location of the Permanent Nursery in Bukit Merdeka, Samboja, East Kalimantan.  This working visit was also at the same time in order to accompany the President to see the location of the new National Capital.

On this occasion, Minister Siti explained to all the Heads of Technical Implementation Units (UPT) in East Kalimantan, why IKN had to move. The population of Java is around 57 percent of the total population of Indonesia. Economic circulation is also very dominant there.

“We include high economic growth, at each of our international meetings including in the ranks of economically advanced countries, it means that the world portrait of Indonesia is very good,” explained Minister Siti.

However, Minister Siti continued that President Joko Widodo ordered all Ministers to develop all of Indonesia. Especially for KLHK, the most important message is, by building a new IKN, it means that it runs simultaneously with environmental recovery.

“I ask our colleagues, we all work together, work hard”, pleaded Minister Siti to all staff.

Supporting the recovery effort, KLHK will build a Modern Nursery in the vicinity of the IKN location later. The nursery is planned to be built on an area of ​​120 hectares.

The results of the location survey that will be used as a Modern Nursery are in the Mentawir Production Forest in the IUPHHK-HTI area of ​​PT. Inhutani I.

Modern Nursery Plans in Mentawir will include the development of nursery facilities and infrastructure such as Germination Rooting Mother Plant House, Tissue Culture Laboratory, Aclimatization Area, Shaded Area, Open Area, Plant Media Processing, and Reservoirs. In addition, there are also facilities for supporting nurseries including offices, mess and others.

In this Modern Nursery they will have seedling production capacity of 15 million seeds per year which includes forest plants such as timber plants, multi-purpose tree species and exotic plants.

In addition to being a nursery and seed garden center, a Arboretum or forest park with a collection of Indonesian endemic plants will also be made at this location. And will also function as a recreational park and sports facilities. KLHK has allocated a budget of 100 billion Rupiah in 2020 to build this Modern Nursery.

“The reflection of this modern nursery is very important, because it shows the world that Indonesia in the removal of IKN is very serious in restoring the environment,” said Minister Siti.

Minister Siti then asked his staff to examine several important matters related to the technical development of IKN. The first is related to the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), All levels must be able to see the situation and conditions in the field to understand the orientation of IKN development. Secondly, Minister Siti asked his staff to oversee KLHK’s support in the preparation of land areas within the forest area that are really needed for IKN.

Minister Siti stressed that the land for the new IKN was not from primary forest, but HTI land. Addendum has been carried out at PT. ITCHI Manunggal Forest, which has concessions in the area that will be used as IKN.

“There is an addendum in ITCHI, there is a need of the state, for this concession, we make corrections. Don’t forget, that there are assets, we need to manage all operations so that no one is disturbed,” explained Minister Siti.

Finally, again, Minister Siti firmly stated that the removal of IKN was also an effort to restore the environment and conservation. “As KLHK people, we certainly understand that this landscape is integrated with animal habitats,” he explained.

Therefore, in the construction of this IKN infrastructure it must really take into account the existence of animals, especially orangutans and proboscis monkeys. “I have said that during the Limited Meeting, where there are pockets of animals in IKN locations,” said Minister Siti.

Minister Siti explained more deeply, “we must pay attention to green infrastructure, such as a flyover that does not interfere with animal trajectories. This will also show the world that Indonesia can build IKN that takes into account the sustainability of biodiversity.”

Ending the review in this Permanent Nursery, the Minister of Environment and Forest Management advised all the Head of UPT to be able to explain correctly any matters related to the transfer of IKN. “There should be no more people saying that IKN will damage the environment, it cannot be, our duty is to explain correctly that IKN is also in line with environmental recovery,” said Minister Siti.

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