Severe Polluted Bengawan Solo, Sragen Residents Complaining Smell and Itching

The condition of Bengawan Solo in Tenggak Village, Sidoharjo District, Sragen.

Sragen – Residents on the outskirts of Bengawan Solo in Sragen, Central Java have complained about river water that has become increasingly black in the last few days. In addition to causing an unpleasant odor, the condition of the river water was black and triggered the death of thousands of fish.

The death of thousands of fish occurred in at least the last three hearts. Lestariyanti (38), a resident of Nglombo Hamlet, Tenggak Village, Sidoharjo District, Sragen, said the death of this fish occurred at the same time as water conditions became more concentrated.

“The river water is getting darker. The smell is also not good. Since three days ago, the fish began to die. All kinds of fish from catfish to brooms,” said Lestariyanti met reporters on the banks of Bengawan Solo, Monday (4/10 / 2019).

The number of dead fish makes the odor stronger. This odor gradually disappears after many carcasses of fish carried by the current, or dry due to the sun’s heat.

“The smell is very bad. Especially for me who lives right on the river’s edge. This is obviously proven to be from waste,” he said.

The poor condition of Bengawan Solo also makes it difficult for Lestariyanti and her husband who work as sand collectors. Both of them are always affected by itching after finishing looking for sand in the riverbed.

Lestariyanti hopes the government will immediately intervene to overcome this. According to him, the problem of Bengawan Solo waste has always been a problem every year. However, Lestariyanti continued, there is no real solution from the government to overcome this.

“There has been no action from the government. Even Bengawan’s condition has worsened over the years. A few years ago there were also officers checking, but there was no follow up,” he complained.

Asked for confirmation regarding this matter, the Head of the Sragen Regency Environment Agency (DLH), Samsuri, claimed to have held a meeting with the Sragen Regent regarding the condition of Bengawan Solo. He suspected that the bad condition of Bengawan Solo was due to the disposal of liquid waste.

“But the waste is also possible from above (upstream), not only from Sragen. For the Sragen area, we already have a revitalization plan in tributaries to minimize waste. In Sragen, the big factories already exist. “waste management itself. But we will check again to make sure,” he explained.

Samsuri continued, his office would coordinate with the province so that the handling of this waste could be carried out across regions.

“For those in other districts, we will coordinate with the province, because it is not our authority,” explained Samsuri.


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