Happy National Puspa and Animal Love Day

Do you know the foundation of the national PUSPA and SATWA love day?

Pekanbaru – Puspa Love Day and National Wildlife Commemorated based on Presidential Decree No. 4 of 1993 which was signed by our President at that time namely Mr. Suharto and set every November 5 in each year.

What is the purpose of celebrating the National Love Day of PUSPA and SATWA?

The aim is to increase awareness, protection, preservation of national flora and fauna and to grow and remind the importance of puspa and animals in our lives.

Okay comrades …, HUMANS, PUSPA and ANIMALs are God’s creations that cannot be separated … For that reason … Our yuukuk is equally guarded and preserved…

Greetings conservation !!!

Source menlhk.go.ig

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