Garbage Emergency, Badung Regency Government Makes TPS in Mengwi Terminal

Air Sighting on The West Side of The Terminal which will Become TPS Badung

Denpasar-Denpasar – Until now the Badung Regency Government (Pemkab) is still looking for land for the construction of an independent waste treatment plant. Whereas the deadline for the disposal of garbage to the Suwung landfill is approaching, the Mengwitani Terminal has finally become an option.

“The strategic step during this (rubbish) emergency situation is that the Regent in a short time must have a zero waste-based landfill to be built temporarily in the Mengwitani Terminal which is a 2 hectare land owned by the Badung Regency Government,” said the Head of the Badung Environment and Hygiene Office (DLHK) Putu Eka Merthawan when contacted via telephone, Friday (11/22/2019).

So far, some of the land offered by the provincial government of Bali has received protests from local residents. The land area of ​​2 hectares to the west of the Mengwi Terminal owned by the regency eventually became the choice for the construction of a temporary rubbish bin.

“This is indeed ready to be used as a waste treatment facility with an incinerator pattern, yes it is burned but the burning is certainly with the correct emission study. The procedure will later use the emergency response fund because it is emergency rubbish,” he explained.

“Hopefully the plan can be completed in a short time. So we still have 8 calendar days to prepare ourselves after the commitment to zero the Badung truck to the Suwung landfill,” continued Eka.

Eka explained that the construction of a TPS in the Mengwi Terminal will be conceptualized as a recycle park. He stressed that he did not want to build a TPA like in Suwung or Bantargebang.

“Now, because Badung TPA wants to erase the term TPA to be Badung Recycle Park, we don’t want to say that the TPA is Suwung’s shadow, Bantar Gebang’s shadow, it’s not. We abandoned the concept, the concept will be Badung Recycle Park, an area for integrated waste recycling,” he explained.

It is planned that Badung Recycle Park in the Mengwi Terminal will start operating in mid-December. The Regency Government will also build a giant warehouse so that the waste that will be managed is not exposed to rainwater.

“It is estimated (operating) in the middle of December. Before December we will prepare the 40×50 meter giant hangar pattern as a warehouse, the garbage there will be put in first so that it will not accumulate much later, processing will take time, especially during the rainy season,” he explained.

The construction of the Badung Recycled Park is planned to be built using a system of cooperation between the government and business entities (KPBU). It also opened the widest possible space for investors who are interested in participating in this beauty contest.

“That is what we later realize simultaneously with the PPP pattern of cooperation with the government and business entities, later taking part in the bidding/beauty contest pattern, there is no conspiracy term, garbage must be sincere, it cannot be political, because later the indicator is clearly garbage is managed for the Badung community, “he said.

Badung Regent I Nyoman Giri Prasta has also formed an emergency team to handle waste in his area. He said the problem of waste needs coordination so that together they can find solutions. “You can if you think you can. We cannot solve all the problems ourselves, but we are sure all problems have a solution,” said Giri Prasta.

Previously, the polemic at the Suwung landfill started with fires that occurred in the area, residents who protested because of the problem of fires and odors were continuously overcome and then blockaded the garbage disposal truck. Badung Regency Government was also affected, trucks that dumped garbage into the Suwung landfill were limited to 15 trucks/day from the usual 225 trucks/day. Badung was also given the opportunity to dispose of waste to Suwung until 29 November 2019.


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