PT Enviro Total Solusi (ETS) Explores Waste Management Collaboration with Purbalingga Regency Government

Presentation of PT Enviro Total Solusi (ETS) Regarding Waste Management with the Government of Purbalingga Regency

PURBALINGGA – PT Enviro Total Solusi (ETS) is trying to explore cooperation in handling waste with Purbalingga Regency Government. Chief Executive Officer of PT ETS Dr. Lina Tri Mugi Astuti SE., MM. said that waste management offered is an independent waste management concept of zero waste in situ.

“The purpose of this concept is that there is an improvement in the management of the Final Disposal Site (TPA) so that it is more professional, conducts zero waste management in the upstream, utilizes household waste to have economic value and changes the culture of the community to get used to sorting out waste,” he said.

There are 3 concepts offered. First, from the landfill management sector, namely the use of waste by capturing methane gas for electric power and preventing foul odors, collecting leachate into compost and other uses.

Then, in the upstream zero waste sector, PT ETS offers carbonization technology by converting waste into bio-carbon, biological pesticides, and liquid fertilizer. In addition, incinerator technology also makes waste a source of electrical energy with thermal energy.

“There was also training, mentoring for TPST 3R (Integrated Waste Management – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and waste banks to be managed sustainably,” he said.

Meanwhile, Purbalingga Regent Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi SE., BEcon., MM. revealed that Purbalingga still has a waste problem. Especially in the management of the newly built TPA, namely in Bedagas (Pengadegan District).

“We already have TPST 3R and are managed by KSM (Non-Governmental Groups), but it’s still not optimal, even though there is already a separate waste bin. Now it is still in progress to get more leverage, “he said.

Regarding PT ETS’s offer, the regent gave a number of inputs which might be considered / challenges to find a waste solution. First, the regent requested that the rubbish in the Bedagas TPA no longer smell and disturb the community.

“As we know, we built the Bedagas TPA with the Sanitary Landfill system or the waste was piled with soil. However, during the rainy season it often causes a disturbing odor, “he said.

In connection with the limitations of the Purbalingga district budget, as much as possible the solution offered does not cost too much. The regent offered that the solutions provided were not always related to high technology but could be with simple effective innovative solutions.

“We also want a solution so that waste is not idle, meaning that all incoming waste can be managed by the sorting machine in the TPA Bedagas, so that there is no landfill (not managed),” he said. (Gn / Humas)

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