Initial Export of Waste Garbage Power Plant to the Philippines

PT Indopower International (IPI) made an initial export of one of its flagship products, namely Non-Incenatore Advance Waste Conversion System (AWS) 50. This product will be sent directly to Cebu, Philippines, from its workshop in Joglo, West Jakarta, Friday (12 / 07).

PT Indopower International (IPI) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Harun Al Rosyid revealed, “The initial export of this AWS machine is expected to be a good start for red and white technology products to compete in the international arena,” he said at the AWS Prime Export release event. 50, in Joglo, West Jakarta (12/07).

Meanwhile, Prof. Tresna Priyana Soemardi, Chancellor of the University of Tunas Pembangunan Surakarta, said this historic moment could bring IPI as a leading company going forward. “This is a historic moment. Red and White Technology will compete in foreign countries. Quality products are very important and must be supported together,” said Prof. Tresna, an expert who is also a UI Professor.

IPI’s Advanced Waste Conversion System (AWS) 50 machine is a technology that specifically uses waste as raw material for electricity generation. Not only electricity, but combustion results can also produce hot water, hot gas, and fertilizer.

Meanwhile, the AWS 50 capacity requires one cubic garbage per hour. Within a day, if totaled and full is around 24 cubic. If it’s four cubic hours per hour, it will produce about 350-kilo watt-hours of electricity. In addition to the AWS 50 engine, IPI also has several other types namely the IPS AWS 100 and the IPI AWS 200.

Keep in mind, this type 50 AWS machine has not a large investment figure, because it does not reach Rp 500 million. This machine is suitable to be installed in remote areas that lack electricity supply.

Harun said, besides being able to produce electricity, the ash from the combustion can also be used as fertilizer and while the hot water produced can also be used for the needs of hotels and hospitals.

In the event, in addition to domestic energy observers, several investors and partners from various countries also attended to witness the release of this initial export.

“We have investors from various countries, there are our partners from Japan, Singapore, and Cambodia,” he explained to at the event.


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