Activists in Riau Continue Camping Elephant Habitat Protests Become Ring Roads

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Environmental activists from various organizations in Riau held a campaign on the ring road in Duri City. They protested the disruption of the wild elephant’s habitation due to the construction of the ring road.

These activists have taken action to reject the ring road in Duri City since Sunday (5/19) night. This environmental activist deliberately camped in the middle of the road as a form of protest to the Bengkalis Regency which was considered not concerned with the environment.

“Since last night we conducted camping at this location. But this afternoon, we dispersed ourselves,” said environmental activist from the Jungle Animal Foundation (RSF) Zulfahmi, Monday (05/20/2019).

Husni explained, this morning activist gathered in the middle of the ring road body which would split the Balai Raja Wildlife Reserve forest. The actions of these environmentalists seized the ring road contractor.

“We were visited by contractors in the field. We convey that the construction of this ring road will divide the wildlife reserve,” Husni said.

The road circle project continued in the midst of activist protests.

“The ring road in Duri City is very much needed to unravel the traffic jam and we support it,” Husni said.

Although activists support the construction of the ring road, continued Husni, the government must think of a solution for animals that have existed so far in the Balai Raja wildlife reserve. At the location of the remaining forest only 250 hectares of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthousands of hectares, live a number of rare animals.

At Balai Raja, it is known as an elephant habitat area. In addition, it is also known as the place where his life of sun bears, tapirs, and jungle cats. Formerly, in this region, there were around 25 elephant groups.

“Now that there has been this project, only the remaining elephants are seen. This condition is caused by the ring road. We protest this, with the hope that the government will find a solution to save elephants,” Husni said.


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