Supermarkets in Bali to Vietnam Use Banana Leaf Packaging

Banana leaf packing vegetables

To reduce plastic waste, more and more supermarkets are now turning to new packaging. One of them uses natural, environmentally friendly banana leaves.

Starting from the Rimping Supermarket in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which replaces their plastic packaging with banana leaves for vegetables and fruits. Now more and more supermarkets in Asia, do the same.

Recently one of the supermarkets in Bali, Bintang Supermarket located in Ubud and Seminyak, made a similar move. The supermarket decided to switch from plastic packaging to banana leaves to wrap their vegetable products, such as chili, mustard greens, leeks, beans, cabbage, and cucumber.

“We started a change through packaging. Gradually we will reduce the use of plastic packaging, especially for fresh products,” wrote the official Bintang Supermarket Facebook account, reported from Coconuts Bali.

Banana leaf packing vegetables

In addition to reducing plastic packaging, Bintang Supermarket has also stopped providing plastic bags for visitors. Including stop selling plastic straws, and styrofoam containers.

Not only in Bali and Thailand, but the change in plastic packaging to banana leaves is also done in large supermarkets in Vietnam. One of them is Lotte Mart and Saigon Co which use banana leaves.

Big C Supermarket outlets that are also popular, and have many branches in Vietnam, have packaging that is more unique and environmentally friendly. They use packaging made from corn flour.

Not without reason, banana leaves are popularly used to wrap vegetables to fruit. Banana leaves are known to have a thick, flexible texture. So that it allows the leaves to be folded to cover the vegetables without breaking or tearing, can also maintain the temperature of the vegetable to keep it cool.

Banana leaves are easier to compost and environmentally friendly. The results of banana leaf compost can add soil nutrition, thus making the soil more fertile.

In Indonesia alone, there are at least more than 9.8 million plastic bags used every year. So that the Indonesian government hopes to reduce plastic waste by 70%, in 2025 later.

Therefore the steps taken by Bintang Supermarket, get various positive responses from many people and netizens.


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