‘Clean Friday’, Governor of Riau Goes Down to Road to Clean Up Garbage

Riau Governor Syamsuar cleared the garbage

Riau Governor Syamsuar and Riau Deputy Governor Edy Natar Nasution held ‘Clean Friday’. They cleaned the garbage in the city of Pekanbaru.

Syamsuar invited his staff in the ranks of the Riau Governor’s office to carry out mutual cooperation. Together they took to the downtown streets to clean up the trash. The ‘Clean Friday’ movement was carried out along Jalan Hang Tuah in the An-Nur Mosque area and Arifin Achmad Hospital. The rubbish scattered in their trenches was collected into trucks prepared by the Provincial Government.

Syamsuar picks up trash in the gutter. The ASNs also do the same. “Pekanbaru is a barometer in Riau. If our city is dirty, how will people stay here for a long time,” said Syamsuar.

Syamsuar also invited residents to be aware of cleanliness. The community is asked not to litter. “We have to protect this city together, don’t let anyone dispose of litter. If there is a lot of garbage in the ditch, it will certainly clog the drains, this can cause flooding during the rain,” Syamsuar said.

Syamsuar hopes the ‘Clean Friday’ movement will be carried out continuously. “This movement will be sustainable because there is still a lot of garbage scattered in the center of the city,” he said.

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