Solution to the Limitations of Natural Resources, Increasing the Number of Populations, and Environmentally Friendly Technology Must Be the Focus of Candidates

Mahawan Karuniasa (second from left), Lecturer at the University of Indonesia Environmental Sciences and Chair of the Indonesian Forestry and Climate Change Expert (APIK Indonesia Network), reminded that Indonesia’s future is faced with the challenges of limited natural resources, increasing population and technology environmentally friendly.

The future of Indonesia is faced with limited challenges of natural resources (SDA), a growing population, and environmentally friendly technologies. If you want to become a developed country with an environmental perspective, these three things need to be the focus of leadership in the future.

This view was conveyed by Mahawan Karuniasa, the University of Indonesia Lecturer in Environmental Sciences as well as Chair of the Indonesian Forestry and Climate Change Expert (APIK Indonesia Network) at the Development and Environment Forum (FORPL) press conference, Jakarta, Saturday (02/17/2019).

“Solutions to natural resources are increasingly limited, the population continues to increase, and the application of environmentally friendly technologies in the country is a serious problem for anyone in the future.”

“Therefore, the Presidential Candidates (Presidential Candidates) must be able to explain their vision and mission in answering these three challenges and delivered to the public,” Mahawan said.

Press conference, themed 2045: Sustainable Indonesia Vision: Towards Indonesia as an Advanced Country with Environmental Insight, organized by the Development and Environment Forum involving seven FORPL organizations, namely the Indonesian Forestry Climate Change and Climate Expert Network (APIK Indonesia Network), Association of Environmental Sciences (IESA ), Association of Environmental Science Study Programs (PEPSILI), Cooperation Agency for the Center for Environmental Studies (BKPSL), Association of Indonesian Environmentalists (IALHI), Association of Indonesian Environmental Scholars (PERWAKU), and Association of Indonesian Forestry Scholars (PERSAKI).

Development and environmental experts and practitioners who are members of FORPL agreed to compile a manifesto in the environmental field to encourage the concrete vision and mission of the candidates.

In addition, they also encourage awareness of seriousness in dealing with global environmental issues, including climate change, and not only in the period 2020-2024 but to realize the vision of Indonesia as a developed and environmentally sound country by 2045.


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