Indonesia Passes Five Resolutions at the UNEA-4 Session

The 4th Environment Assembly United Nations Meeting (UNEA-4) was officially closed. In the meeting attended by around 4,000 participants, Indonesia initiated five out of 23 agreed resolutions.

The five resolutions are related to sustainable consumption and production (SCP), sustainable management of peatlands, conservation of mangrove forests, protection of the marine environment, and sustainable management of coral reefs. Through these five resolutions, the Indonesian delegation sought to invite the global community to cooperate in supporting Indonesia’s initiatives.

“Through these five resolutions, Indonesia comes with a strong commitment and brings examples of real commitments and initiatives. For example, to protect marine ecosystems, Indonesia brings the initiative to establish the Regional Capacity Center for Clean Seas (RC3S) in Bali. In peatland management “Indonesia echoed the International Tropical Peatland Center (ITPC) in Bogor,” said Lakshmi Dhewanthi, Expert Staff of the LHK Minister for International Industry and Trade, yesterday.

Specifically, the resolution of coral reefs is a follow-up and strengthening of the implementation of similar resolutions adopted in UNEA-2 in 2016. Indonesia, together with the host of resolution and the UNEP Secretariat, will draw up a framework and time frame for implementing the resolution.

“Through this resolution, Indonesia invites the international community to take concrete actions and collaborate in the conservation and sustainable management of coral reefs,” added Minister of Public Affairs and Inter-Institutional Relations (KKP) Expert Staff Suseno Sukoyono.

Not only did it succeed in passing a number of resolutions, the Indonesian Delegation also gained the trust of various countries to play a leadership role in the biennial session. The Head of the Research and Development Agency and KLHK Innovation Agus Justianto, won the trust to become a co-facilitator in the discussion of cluster-4 resolutions. As a Co-Facilitator, Agus is responsible for facilitating countries in the process of finalizing the resolution.

In addition, the Director General of Management of Watershed and Protected Forests (PDASHL) of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, IB Putera Parthama, is believed to be a rapporteur for the UNEA Committee of the Whole (COW). COW is a very important instrument in UNEA, which is given the responsibility to submit a draft resolution to be agreed upon at the UNEA plenary session.

Not only did it show its leadership role in the UNEA-4 process, Indonesia also succeeded in ensuring a greater role in the next UNEA session. In the selection of the bureau for UNEA-5, the Expert Staff of the LHK Minister for International Industry and Trade Laksmi Dhewanthi, was elected as one of the Vice Presidents of UNEA-5. Indonesia was chosen from the Asia Pacific region, together with Bahrain representatives.

About 170 state representatives and various representatives of international organizations attended one of the most important environmental meetings in the world that lasted five days. The Indonesian Delegation has actively participated in the meeting, and made a positive contribution to the establishment of the world environmental agenda, especially through innovative solutions to address ecosystem challenges and consumption patterns, and sustainable production.

The efforts made by Indonesia with its various initiatives in UNEA-4, are part of Indonesia’s responsibility for a better global environment. Indonesia invites and encourages countries to immediately carry out follow-up efforts in implementing the UNEA-4 resolution.


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