Plastic Waste at Sea Can Be Used by Recycling Industry

Plastic waste can be used as industrial raw material that has a sale value.

ETS, TANGERANG SELATAN – Downstream Chemical Industry Director General of the Textile and Multifarious Chemical Industry Ministry of Industry Taufik Bawazier said that plastic waste in the sea could be used by the recycling industry in Indonesia.

“Plastering plastics, which are claimed to be the cause of the contribution of garbage in the sea, I think can be taken and can be added in the recycling industry in particular, and this can create even stronger competitiveness,” Taufik said in Tangerang, Banten, Monday ( 12/10/2018).

Taufik explained, if some people consider plastic to be garbage, for industry, plastic is the raw material needed in the production process.

“This plastic for industry is raw material. So, if you see this plastic as rubbish, of course its opinion is developing as it is today. But, if you see it as raw material, there is economic value in it, “said Taufik.

According to him, Indonesia’s economic potential must be taken by Indonesia so that it can generate foreign exchange and investment in the recycling industry sector.

The economic value will also bring benefits to the community.

“So we can take the remnants of plastic circulating in the community, can be reprocessed, resulting in economic added value,” said Taufik.

For this reason, there is a need for a strong education to the community so that plastic waste from households can be collected in the Final Disposal Site (TPA), then scavengers can be collected and collected in collectors to be reprocessed.

“Community contributions and awareness are very important, so that the waste generated from households does not run to places that are not supposed to, for example to the sea, so that they can be recycled again,” concluded Taufik.


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