Ministry of Home Affairs Reduces Consumption of Plastic Bottled Water and Use of Plastic Straws

Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo assessed that plastic waste has become a national issue that must be addressed together.

ETS, JAKARTA – Interior Minister Tjahjo Kumolo instructed all staff to reduce consumption of disposable plastic bottled water and plastic straws to reduce plastic waste.

“To all ranks of the Ministry of Home Affairs and BNPP, starting today stop drinking mineral water plastic packaging and plastic straws in every event, as well as everyday in the office environment,” said Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo in Jakarta on Monday (12/12/2018).

In addition to calling for the reduction of disposable plastic waste, the Minister of Home Affairs also asked his staff to actively campaign for eco-friendly movements by installing posters or banners in the Ministry of Home Affairs office in Jakarta.

The Minister of Home Affairs also asked food traders in the Ministry of Home Affairs to no longer sell bottled mineral water and did not provide disposable plastic cups in the presentation.

“Post posters, banners in all corners of the place. Places to eat in the office environment also stop that smells of plastic. Drink glass (glass), “said Tjahjo.

The Minister of Home Affairs did not elaborate further the reasons for issuing these instructions and whether these directives would be applied in all regional government offices.

However, these efforts are expected to reduce waste.

Efforts to reduce waste in the country are increasingly intensified, especially after the incident of finding plastic waste in the stomach of a sperm whale in the waters of Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi.

In the whale’s stomach, it was found that there was a lot of plastic waste of 5.9 kilograms, which consisted of 115 plastic cups (750 grams), 19 hard plastic (140 grams), four plastic bottles (150 grams), 25 plastic bags (260 grams), two flip-flops (270 grams), one nylon sack (200 grams), 1,000 more raffia straps (3,260 grams), and so on.

Previously, Vice President Jusuf Kalla said the government was discussing the application of sanctions and disincentives to the use of household plastics.

“What are the plans for their actions, including the disincentive to use plastics, how about using plastic later, what is being discussed, what are the sanctions.”

“It is being discussed by the Government to reduce waste or plastic waste,” said Vice President JK.


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