Urban Resilience

Urban is a region which has complex problems. Population growth is often faster than the cities development growth. Discussions on sustainable development in urban area need to pay attention to the three pillars of sustainable development, namely the social, economic and environmental. It is easy to say, but relatively difficult to apply. The biggest challenge is to balance the condition of the three pillars. The balance will produce urban resilience.

​Urban resilience is closely related to the carrying capacity of the city itself. Urbanization is an inevitable result of urban growth, pose problems of its own, especially for the fulfillment of decent house. Limited land, forced to design housing with high rise concept. Kompas, June 17, 2016, said that Indonesia got its own place in the world map of skyscrapers. However, it can not be proud if the carrying capacity of the city are not met, the poor quality of the population, since anyone can find a job in the city, if not controlled can have an adverse impact on the carrying capacity of the city.

​(Dr. Lina Tri Asuti)

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