Adaptation Model of Resilience City Flood Disaster Prone for the City Sustainability

Category: Urban
Sub Category: Flood

Title: Adaptation Model of Resilience City Flood Disaster Prone for the City Sustainability
Author: Dr. Andi Renald
Type: Dissertation

Flood disaster is the problem that could threaten the sustainability of Jakarta. The major flooding that occurred increasingly shows high intensity, it is due to the magnitude of changes in land use, high rainfall, and inadequate mitigation effort undertaken. It is necessary to increase the capacity of the city to face disasters. The city needs to be well designed to achieve a state of city disaster-resistancy or may be called by the Resilient City. The purpose of the study is to analyze the influencing factors against the resilience of flood-prone city of Jakarta, determine the dimension factors of the most dominant in the city of Jakarta, analyze the index and sustainability status of Jakarta City, as well as to build adaptation model of resilience flood-prone city to actualize sustainability of the city of Jakarta. The analytical result of the sustainability utilized by Multi-Dimensional Scaling, which uses software-resilient Rap-Resilient City and it is shows that the ecological and technological dimensions less continued, while the social dimension of culture, economics and ethics show the position the position of achieving sustainability. Furthermore, the results of analysis using Structural Equations Model, it was found four factors affecting the adaptation model resilience of disaster-prone cities of Jakarta, namely spatial planning, technological innovation, disaster management, and disaster adaptation fund. The factors that most influence on the model is the factor of spatial management. The novelty of this research is developing a Model of Flood Disaster Prone City Resilience.

Keywords: Flood, City Resilience, Adaptation Model, Sustainability City, Rap- Resilience City, Structural Equations Model (SEM)

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